AYNAM Energy Ltd is an engineering consultancy formed by its founding Director, Yaseen Ali Waseem, who is an an experienced chartered mechanical engineer with many years’ experience in the field of building energy consultancy and the use of state of the art building physics tools and techniques to enhance the building design and address operational issues.  His vision has led the company to produce multiple feasibility studies and energy appraisals for public bodies as well as corporate organisations. Designers construct buildings that are functional and provide a comfortable environment for the occupants but this comes at a price and the requirements of fuel to provide for the building services (heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water and electricity). AYNAM Energy would assist the building designers in predicting energy consumption and develop solutions for a lean design, minimising the use of fossil fuel energy as well as carry out an appraisal for Low or Zero Carbon Technologies (LZCT) applicable to the site. This would enhance the building design as well as provide a sustainable supply of energy, essentially producing less harmful pollutants for the atmosphere and providing security of supply, whilst maintaining functionality and occupant comfort. Our experience ranges over a multitude of market sectors such as education, retail, healthcare and industrial.