Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a means of analysing the behaviour of fluid motion through a numerical method. In the instance of CFD, the Navier-Stokes equations are specified as the mathematical model of the physical case.

Although it is rare that CFD is used to solve design issues within the built environment scenario, there are practical concerns where such an analysis method would be suitable:

  • The effectiveness of natural ventilation – perhaps analysing the stack effect within an atrium design
  • The distribution of environmental conditions within a space
  • The effectiveness of building services equipment (i.e. location of air inlets and extracts)
  • The build-up of heat – forming hot spots in spaces such as server rooms.

The CFD model consists of a large number of cells, concentrated in areas of interest, and the model will go through a number of iterations before arriving at a steady state solution. The modeller is then able to view the distribution of temperature and velocities for the analysed area.

AYNAM Energy can facilitate the need for a CFD analysis and provide the client with a solution to enhance their building design with the assistance of CFD modelling.