At AYNAM Energy we provide energy consultancy to our clients that are bespoke in nature. Energy studies are undertaken essentially to introduce energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. The mission is to provide a service to the client that can help them demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, allowing for more efficient use of resources presenting cost savings as well as a reduced reliance on fossil fuels.

AYNAM Energy will conduct various analyses and produce reports to demonstrate reduced carbon emissions, increase in local energy generation resulting in a more environmentally friendly building with potential running cost savings.

Some of the studies we undertake are as follows.

  • Renewable energy feasibility studies and building energy benchmarking
  • Sustainability and Energy Statements – reports developed to tackle planning issues associated with energy and sustainability
  • Energy audits – monitoring/auditing and reduction strategies
  • Process energy analysis and associated energy solutions

Our energy auditors will conduct a full review of the building, including fabric performance, HVAC systems and utilities. We will use Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) to build a 3D thermal model to produce predictive energy modelling using an industry standard methodology (CIBSE TM54). We will identify energy savings and present a business case for the integration of clean technologies.

Our team also has experience in assessing process energy requirements and reporting on measures that result in energy savings for the client.

Our team of energy consultants will always be happy to consider bespoke studies for energy related work and will advise of our capabilities beforehand with regards to the challenge faced.

Domestic Energy services (launched in Autumn 2018)

AYNAM Energy will provide similar services for domestic clients. Our services also include:

  • SAP Assessments
  • Domestic EPCs
  • Energy Audits and full review of dwelling energy performance

We will conduct a through review of the domestic property and report on energy improvements that can be undertaken on the property to improve the energy efficiency of the building.