Jaguar/Volvo Car Showrooms

Jaguar and Volvo Car showrooms have been built in the lucrative retail area of Braehead, near to Braehead shopping centre and other car showrooms such as Porche, Audi and CarStore. The showrooms consist of a lean and energy efficient design going beyond the standard showroom experience. The development also consists of Solar PV technology to ensure the energy regulations are met and for the promotion of local renewable energy generation.


Location: Glasgow

Sector: Car Showroom – Retail

Service: Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Client: SVM Glasgow

Project Status: Completed in December 2017

M&E Contractor: Parr Group

Architect: TAYLORDESIGN Architects Ltd

M&E Consultant: Beattie Flannigan Consulting Engineers


AYNAM Energy was commissioned by SVM Glasgow to produce an EPC for both Car Showrooms with a tight deadline as handover was imminent, and Parr Group were our mutual client. The EPC was produced in DSM software for a Level 5 building.

Our energy assessors worked tirelessly to achieve the tight deadline and made communication with representatives of the Scottish EPC register to ensure the UPRN number was provided at the earliest to avoid further delays.

This project was completed in time for building handover despite the hurdles we had to overcome. An ‘A’ rated EPC was achieved for both buildings. The EPC was delivered in earnest to our client and hence not delaying the handover of the building to the car dealership.