At AYNAM Energy Ltd we predominantly use IES VE toolkit to carry out building energy analysis and can also provide Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) consulting services for those projects that require minute detail for identifying airflow paths and hotspots.

We can offer competitive rates for our services.

Here are some of the services that we can offer.

  • Thermal Comfort assessment for buildings (CIBSE TM52)
  • Energy consumption analysis (CIBSE TM54)
  • Thermal modelling assessment for naturally ventilated buildings (CIBSE Guide A and AM10)
  • Environmental assessment with regards to energy, health and wellbeing, daylighting and renewable energy credits (BREEAM, ESTIDAMA)
  • Renewable Energy feasibility studies and Building energy benchmarking
  • Sustainability and Energy Statements – reports developed to tackle planning issues associated with energy and sustainability
  • Present business case for renewable energy installation or low carbon innovation
  • Energy monitoring/auditing and reduction strategies

Advanced Simulation Studies consist of:

PRM Modelling – ASHRAE 90.1 Standard

Passive Design /Building Optimisation and Natural Ventilation studies

CFD Modelling for Internal/External elements

ApacheHVAC system integrity/optimisation analysis

We will always be happy to consider bespoke studies/reviews/troubleshooting for energy related work and provide early design advice to potential clients.